Andy pray respect to Carol’s father at the cemetery

Andy Lau finally revealed himself in Malaysia! For several days, close to 100 medias had been trying to get hold of Andy, he used all sorts of method not get himself photographed at Carol Zhu Liqian’s father funeral, they finally appeared together when they went to pray respect to his “father-in-law” at the cemetery on the first seven (Chinese funeral custom of mourning the seventh day after death).

Andy thought he managed to fool the media that he had left Malaysia but the media never gave up as they finally confirmed his Zhu’s family son-in-law identity, Andy is doing all he could for Carol.

Having being criticize in recent days for not giving a title to Carol, Andy whom managed to shield himself away from the media’s camera with umbrellas at the funeral, but he did not get to pay respect to Carol’s father on that day, but he finally appeared as one of the Zhu family member, accompanied by Zhu’s siblings, they went to Fujian Pacific Hill cemetery for the first seven praying.

Andy, Carol, Carol’s sister and husband together with other family members initially wanted to reach rather deserted Fujian Pacific Hill cemetery early in the morning, but they lost their way thus they managed to reach the cemetery between 9-10am, the others being Carol’s siblings and three bodyguards, there was no relatives nor children, thus this clearly show that Andy’s position in the Zhu family is a family member, he wore a white T-shirt and jeans, he looked depressed, he was smart to keep a distance away from Carol but still keep eye contact to communicate. From Andy’s depressed look, it’s believed that he had a good relationship with his “father-in-law”.

When Andy discovered that reporters are around, he purposely hide behind people or turn his back to the reporters, when it was his turn to offer the incense, he did not choose to hide and he stand in front of the grave, this considered as an explanation to everybody in front of Carol’s father grave, he had done all he could. However a tall bodyguard walked toward the reporter swiftly to stop them from taking any more photographs. The reporter then discover that this bodyguard is the “Andy Lau” being photographed and mistaken as Andy on the day of the funeral, the real McCoy finally appeared yesterday.

The praying ceremony was completed after 10 minutes, Andy, Carol, Carol’s sister and husband then board a black nanny car which window was tinted thus unable to find out what’s happening inside. The car drove soon after.

It is understand that Andy did attend the funeral last Saturday but did not go to the cemetery or stayed on the bus thus yesterday was his first appearance. Carol had been kept under wrapped by Andy for 24 years, by praying as a family member, he finally gave his “father-in-law” and the Zhu family an explanation. With regards to whether Andy made any promise in front of the grave, according to Malaysia custom of marrying Carol within 100 days to give her an official title, everybody is anticipating for a happy ending.

Meanwhile, Andy whom leave a message to express to his fans: “I’m fine!” on AWC forum, it resulted in a traffic jam to the website as nobody could log into the website as there is always the error message of server busy, it could be fans trying to contact Andy thus resulting in the jam. Meanwhile, staff of Taiwan’s Focus Film expressed: “Andy would have the same towards all friends’ death. With regards to allegations and guesses, or what the media is writing, we will not comment.”

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