Andy “appear” on web to admit his relationship with Zhu family

Recently Carol Zhu Liqian’s father passed away, the funeral was held on 22 August, meanwhile Andy Lau posted a message in his AWC forum on 23 August to express “I’m fine”, he also address Carol’s father as “forefather” in reply to his relationship with Carol’s father.

It is known that when Carol’s father passed away, Andy whom had just completed the fund raising event for Taiwanese typhoon victim immediately jet to Malaysia. It’s the media attention whether Andy would appeared as “son-in-law” during the funeral. Some reporters claimed that Andy was hiding among the umbrellas, some even said that they took photographs of Andy’s “son and daughter”.

China Press reported that Andy once again gave the media a “smoke bomb” as he did not board the 9:20am CX720 flight back to Hong Kong on 23 August! It is said that Andy bought an open ticket, he supposed to board the Cathay Pacific CX720 flight back to Hong Kong, but media from Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore had been waiting for him at the airport as early as 7am, they waited for Andy at the airport’s 3 boarding gates but there was still no sight of Andy at 9:30am. As there is another Malaysia Airline MH072 flight to Hong Kong, reporters also waited for Andy at the airport to prevent Andy from “making an escape”, till press time, Andy did not register for boarding for either Cathay Pacific 1:30pm and 5:40pm flight to Hong Kong. As he bought an open ticket, local and overseas media could only wait for Andy to appear at the airport.

Earlier Michael Tse revealed that he met Andy and Carol on the plane during his last Tuesday flight to Malaysia, finally someone confirmed that Andy flew to Malaysia.

With regards to all this, Andy expressed in his message board: “Everybody should be worrying about me, I’m fine. Forefather has managed to have his final walk peacefully, this is what I hoped for, Amitābha!”

This is the first time Andy express his relationship between himself and Carol, it’s also the first time that Carol address her father as “forefather”.

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