Andy could already be staying in the Zhu’s residence!

According to the Taiwanese media, Carol Zhu Liqian’s father passed away on 18 August, it’s alleged that Andy Lau had brought along his daughter and jet off to Malaysia from Hong Kong to attend the 3-days funeral, but till today Andy’s whereabouts is still a mystery, the funeral will take place at 10am tomorrow, whether Andy would be present is closely watched.

In the secret relationship between Jackie Chan and Lin Fengjiao, she quit showbiz to give birth to Jaycee Chan, kept in the dark for 15 years until the funeral of Jackie’s god-father Leonard Ho in 1998, she appeared as the “wife” of Jackie for the first time. In the case of Andy, Carol has been his alleged girlfriend for 24 years, alleged to have a daughter, but Andy always deny this.

With the passing of Carol’s father, the whereabouts of Andy, whether he will be listed as son-in-law, whether he will be appearing in tomorrow’s funeral had been keeping people interested. After completing the fund raising event for Taiwan’s Typhoon Morakot victims in Hong Kong on 17 August, sources said that he was told of Carol’s father death on 18 August, he immediately rushed to Malaysia for the 3-days funeral.

It is said that due to the sensitive identity of Andy, to protect him from exposure, the friends and relative of the Zhu family would have to register in order to confirm their identity before giving entry to the Zhu residence for the funeral. Seven security guards were stationed at the huge tent and makeshift toilet to prevent outsiders from getting near. This could be the case that Andy is already staying inside the Zhu residence.

To capture the presence of Andy, medias from Hong Kong and Malaysia are at full force, friends and relative that attended the funeral exclaimed that they had not see the superstar, but neighbors revealed that Andy was sighted giving instructions to the security guards to stop reporters and giving them $10 ringgit, in hope for the security to be “more careful”. According to local media, such small amount of money did come to some use as the security around the Zhu residence is getting tighter, when reporter tried to get into the residence to attend the funeral but was closely watch when he managed to get in, he left without any sightings.

Carol’s father funeral is tomorrow morning, Andy did attend Carol’s younger sister wedding dinner, sighted in Malaysia in February to discuss his “wedding”, outsiders forecast that he will attend the funeral.

Meanwhile, the Taiwan Focus Group staffs’ mobile phone still could not get through, thus unable to get any official reply. East Asia also exclaimed that they would not be commenting on Andy’s private life.

When Michael Miu was contacted by reporters, he expressed in a telephone interview: “I think I would not be calling him, to prevent myself from hindering him to do his stuffs, I’m also not familiar with Carol’s father.” Felix Wong whom was location shooting in Lingbo revealed through his assistant that he know nothing about the death of Carol’s father. Andy’s good friend Lam Katung whom returned to Hong Kong from Beijing also did not contacted Andy, he also knew nothing about the death of Carol’s father.

In addition, when fans found out about the death of Carol’s father, all of them left messages of encouragement in Andy World Club’s website, they urge him not to be sad and added that no matter what Andy does, they will always support him.

Lin Fengjiao whom was kept in the dark for 15 years before becoming official, so will the 24 years old underground relationship between Andy and Carol come to light tomorrow?

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