Andy rushed to Malaysia to attend “father-in-law” funeral

According to Taiwan’s Apple Daily, it was earlier alleged that Carol Zhu Liqian whom was the underground lover of Andy Lau for 24 years planned to get married on 6 April 2009 but it never materialize, unexpectedly Carol’s 73 years old father passed away in Malaysia two nights ago thus able to walk her daughter down the red carpet.

Andy whom was busy raising funds for the Taiwan Typhoon Morakot victims is said to rush to Malaysia to attend the funeral, its also alleged that he was addressed as son-in-law.

The Malaysian media reported that two days ago, Mr. Zhu was coughing in the afternoon, he fainted after taking medicine and was rushed to the hospital for treatment, X-rays showed that his brain is bleeding thus was rushed into the operation room, he could not be saved and passed away around 9:00pm that day.

The front door of the Zhu residence at Bukit Jalil was locked but the altar can be seen at the garden with two huge white lanterns and banners hanging, the coffin was at the back room, a tent, tables and chairs were set up for friends and relatives.

There was even a sign at the road junction to direct them.

When the media visited the Zhu residence, one male relative tried to scare off the reporters, he said: “If the police or someone came to hit you, please don’t blame me.” At the incense and candles shop owned by Mr. Zhu, there was a notice that it will be closed for 1 week.

In February this year, Andy was photographed meeting Carol’s father in Malaysia, it’s alleged that they were discussing the wedding date, but nothing is materialize after the news leaked out, it’s believed that the biggest regret of Carol’s father was not able to witness her wedding.

It’s said that Andy already went to accompany his “girlfriend” for the funeral in order to avoid the media.

According to Chinese tradition, when a senior in the family passed away, a wedding must be carried out within 100 days, if not it would have to wait for 3 years, with Carol’s father passing away, the Hong Kong media are guessing if Andy would be marrying Carol within 100 days?

The person-in-charge of Andy’s management company in Hong Kong expressed that they could not comment as this is his “Andy ‘s private time”. Meanwhile, Taiwan’s Focus Group crew members’ mobile phone could not get through. Andy’s name was also not found in the list of names for travelers out of Hong Kong at the custom.

Carol was busy attending the matters of her father’s funeral, the funeral will be carried out the Buddhist way, the actual funeral will be at 10:00am on Saturday, he will be buried with her wife at Fujian Pacific Hill cemetery.

In addition, Andy’s good friend Michael Miu was approached by reporters, he expressed that he does not know about Carol’s father death, he said: “I don’t know, I will try to contact Andy later, I’m in no position to say anything.”

When the Hong Kong media tried to contact Andy, he could not be contacted at press time.

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