Andy did not suffered from gastroenteritis after sharing sandwich with Astrid Chan

Astrid Chan and Raymond Lam Fung attended Artistes 88 Fund Raising Campaign, but when reporting for the shooting of a new TVB drama, both of them expressed that they are suffering from gastroenteritis. Raymond went to see a doctor immediately to stop his diarrhea and vomiting, Astrid revealed that she almost could not control herself when she’s on the stage. Both stressed that there is nothing wrong with the food provided during the event, Astrid revealed that she shared a sandwich with Andy Lau and he did not encounter any problem.

Astrid expressed that she bought a sandwich on the morning of Artistes 88 Fund Raising Campaign, she said: “I break the sandwich into two and gave one half to Andy, I started to have stomach upset during evening time, Andy even asked me if I’m OK, he heard that I was not feeling well but he also ate the same sandwich as me, I’ll call him up later to check if he’s OK, I really could not stand the pain thus I left as early as 10:00pm, I went to the toilet for a total of 5 times, I almost lost control when I was interviewing Eason Chan.” This cause Astrid to have a phobia of eating as she only drank water, she claimed that she lost around 2kg, Astrid expressed: “Luckily my husband is a doctor and I’m staying nearby, he gave me medicine and I’ve recovered.”

Andy whom shared the same sandwich with Astrid, his assistant replied that Andy is feeling well.

news from: Apple Daily News

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