Four Heavenly Kings gathered at Artistes 88 Fund Raising Campaign

Artistes 88 Fund Raising Campaign was held at AsiaWorld-Expo last night. There was no glamourous stage nor costumes, all 300 performers from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan all wore white.

There are no cheers or light sticks, everybody gathered together no to watch an exciting performance but to tell the troubled Taiwanese typhoon victims that they are not alone, all cheered “Taiwan you can do it!”.

To support the Taiwan rescue works, initial by the Hong Kong Performing Artiste Guild, 24 organization and media collaborate in this 4-hours Artistes 88 Fund Raising Campaign, using songs to urge for donations, up till 11:30pm, with adding to the money collected from internet and donation boxes, a total of $50900,000 was collected.

More than 100 singers sang the theme song ‘Tao Tao Qian Li Xin’ for the opening of the event. There are 13 comperes for the event which includes Nat Chan, Sandra Ng, Paw Hee Ching, Sally Wu, Sylvia Chang, Harlem Yu and other representatives from TV and radio stations. More than 300 artistes performed included Eric Tsang, Alan Tam, Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Aaron Kwok, Sammi Cheng, Miriam Yeung, Hacken Li, Leo Ku, Vivian Chow, David Tao, Cai Qin, Jam Hsiao and many others.

Last night, Andy was running around the stage throughout the night, he duet with Sammi Cheng in ‘He Cai’, then duet Hokkien song ‘Tian Xia Di Yi Deng’ with Richie Ren to encourage Taiwan, then duet ‘Peng You’ with Nat Chan, Alan Tam and Wynners.

The highlights of the event was the Four Heavenly Kings performed on the stage again, this is the first time that they appeared on stage at the same time since the 2007 Hong Kong handover 10 anniversary gala show.


news from: Wei Wen Po, Central Daily News