New Shaolin Temple invites Jet Li; Andy could become male lead

More than 20 years ago, Jet Li made his name with Shaolin Temple, it cost 10 cents per movie ticket and the box office exceeded $1 billion. After more than 20 years, New Shaolin Temple is being planned, Jet had already been invited to join the cast.

New Shaolin Temple would not be a re-shoot as it will be a brand new movie, Alan Yuen, the scriptwriter of New Police Story fame had been tasked to write the script, the story will take place in the 20th century.

With regards to the cast of the movie, reporters got news from insider that Jet Li had agreed to be casted in the film, whereas Jet already had 2 discussion with the film company but what are the details and discussed till which stage is still unknown.

There is another allegation that Andy Lau will also be joining the cast. With regards to this, one of the film’s investor Henan Film Group CEO Mr. Lee expressed: “We have yet made the final decision.”

With the asking fee of Jet different from the past, would his fees alone burst the budget of the film, the film company said that there would be a possibility that Jet will be paid less or he just made a cameo and will not be the male lead.

There is also another saying that Andy will be the male lead, if everything is confirmed, this movie will be the second collaboration between these 2 superstars after The Warlords.

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