Andy clarifies: “burnt scars” are special effect makeup

Recently, it was reported in the media that when Andy Lau was shooting Detective Dee, his hand was badly burnt resulting scars and after finished shooting the film, he would be taking leave in Hong Kong for long periods. With regards to these “burnt scars”, Andy expressed in his diary that actually they are just special effects makeup, he does not suffered from any burns. Andy also specially revealed the whole progress of the makeup.

Andy expressed: “After reading the shocking headline in the newspapers that my hand was badly burnt, in actual fact, it also gave me a scare….it wrote a story about my “burnt scars” with photographs, they are only special effects makeup, it looked really real, this proves how serious the production is!” Andy added that when the photographs were revealed, the reporters were already been briefed, but when it appeared in the newspaper, it was still be exaggerated.

“Actually on the day of shooting, several reporters also came forward to show their concern towards my “injuries”, I already explained clearly to the media, but still alleged reports came out, I don’t know what can be done about this.”

In the end, other than asking his fans not to worry, Andy also revealed the production process of the “burnt scars”.

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