Andy helped Andox & Box rehearse in the background for Sing For Love

In the Sing for Love charity event to be telecast on ahtv on 24 July, Andy Lau and his sons – Andox and Box will be “performing together beyond dimensions” as they performed together with a dance troupe for the ‘Zhong Guo Niu’ dance number coordinated by Andy, they also displayed their new skills on stage, bringing the atmosphere of the event to new heights.

Despite on location shooting Detective Dee in Hengdian, whenever there is free time, Andy would direct Andox and Box the dance steps via telephone. To design and coordinate the new dance number, Andy also rehearse the dance step while wearing his costume in front of the crew members whom also gave suggestions to improve the dance number. For a successful performance, Andy’s reminder to Andox and Box: “Don’t be nervous when you could not follow up to the dance steps, get into position and you will slowly get back into the rhythm. There must also be eye contact with the audience and not get blinded by the spot lights…” All the reminders from Andy shown in the performance by Andox and Box during the performance in Sing For Love.

The theme for the program is happy music, other than Andox and Box, there are also Jane Zhang and Miriam Yeung for the recording.

Andox and Box showed off all their talent to win the hearts of the audience, they did a parody of Infernal Affairs, performed fan swinging and dancing with sword for the first time. The compere become fans of the brothers on the spot. Jane Zhang exclaimed: “Today’s stage belong to these 2 fellows, their performance is outstanding, I’m attracted by them!” Miriam was also made to burst into laughter by them, she sing praise of their high popularity and said that she would invite them to be special performing guests for her concerts.

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