Andy to appear on 24 July Sing For Love with his son

Andy Lau whom was currently location shooting Detective Dee in Hengdian was said to bring his son Andox and perform in ahtv’s latest charity show ‘Wei Ai Gao Ge’ (literally translated as Sing for Love). The shooting crew of Detective Dee did replied that Andy has indeed arranged to perform in the charity show, but concrete information is not sure.

Andy who is a Buddhist has been actively participating in numerous charity events and appointed as the ambassador for several organizations and events, he also set up Andy Lau Charity Fund.

With regards to the invitation for Andy to perform, representative from ahtv expressed: “On one side we considered of the drawing power of Andy, on the other side Andy is a man with feelings and emotions. He once declare himself a Hepatitis B virus carrier, for a public figure, this required sincerity and huge courage. For such an artiste, he does charity work with his true heart.”

From our understanding, the first episode of Sing For Love had successfully telecast, its theme had been well recognized by the audience. The second episode of Sing For Love will be telecast on 24 July, 21:30 hours. Andy might be appearing in this particular episode.

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