Andy’s “sons” Mo lei tau comics released

The comics of Andy Lau’s sons Andox and Box will be released soon, they will be showing off their encouraging, love, motivative, hardworking lifestyle and hardworking attitude, the themes of the comic also involved childhood stories, funny incidents in life, their own conversation, brother love and other areas. More funny moments and visual bringing modern modes of Mo lei tau jokes, self proclaimed as the number one handsome ox as this is inherit from “mummy” Andy Lau.

In the comics, mischievous Andox and Box played out scenes after scenes of funny incidents, no matter incidents happened in real life or out of unexpected, all displayed for all to read. The refreshing and captivating images of the comics will injet new refreshing and active to the current nervous lifestyle, this is nobody would reject. When Andox and Box could bring some laughter and happiness to everybody, this should be the time for everybody to relax.

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