Andy had completed his song for the 16th Asian Games 2010

Andy Lau who is well known in showbiz for his professionalism and hardworking attitude had already composed a song and passed to the 16th Asian Games 2010 selection of lyrics committee. The committee’s deputy secretary Fang Xiaocong revealed that he will be setting off to Hong Kong next month to listen to Andy’s new song and give his suggestions. He said: “Andy could not make it for the 2nd Asian Games Song Competition but there’s still a 3rd Asian Games Song Competition.”

The reporter understand that for the song that Andy created for the Asian Games, he had already completed writing the lyrics, music and recorded the song. When the committee received this Mandarin song, it was found out that some parts had been lacking, thus the committee decided to fly to Hong Kong next month to communicate with Andy’s production team in hope to make changes the song into a better song before being released. This resulted Andy to miss the 2nd Asian Games Song Competition, but it does not matter as saving the best for last, good song need to be nurture, in order to listen to the song, the fans would have to be patient.

news from:, Nanfang Daily News,