Andy scratched his chin while shooting Detective Dee

Recently two megastars of Detective Dee got injured. One of them is Tony Leung Kar Fai whom just joined the shooting, he fractured his knee cap during the shooting of Dark October; another one is Andy Lau whose chin got scratched and bleeding when shooting a “climbing in the air” scene.

On the day of shooting, Andy personally do the “flying” stunt, as he need to climb a reclining wall which is 5 meters away the starting point of the “flying”, thus he need to run a short distance in order to jump over, but the floor board was very narrow, due to his heavy costume and shoes, he would required more effort to jump, he failed to meet the ideal requirement after three attempts. During his fourth attempt, the crew member did not loosen the safety belt in time thus slow down Andy, thus he accidentally scratched his chin and started to bled. However, Andy still insist to complete the stunt on his own as he quipped: “If I have the speed of Liu Xiang and the height of Yao Ming, this would not happen.”

After 30 minutes, the medical staff gives Andy some simple treatment and the professional Andy continue the shooting. According to Detective Dee crew member person-in-charge, he said: “The fighting scenes of Andy and Tony had been completed more than 50%, the remaining are the basic riding on the horse, thus their injury will not affect their shooting.”

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