Andy sing praise of earthquake victims

Artiste 512 Fund Raising Campaign gatherer Andy Lau and committee members representatives Alan Tam and director Gordon Chan attended the Sichuan Earthquake 1st Annual Review Exhibition at Tsim Sha Tsui’s Ocean Terminal.

Andy thanked the support from everybody and expressed that the $34,984,458 collected had been used to rebuilt the affected areas. the remaining $9.6 million will be donated to the Salvation Army, World Vision Organization and Caring For Children Foundation to continue the re-building process. Andy, Alan and Gordon passed the cheques to the respective organizations.

Currently, Andy has no plans for another site visit but he will continue to understand the needs affected areas, he said: “Several disabled performing groups are not bad, I’m currently thinking on how to help them release DVD to help them earn money.”

“During my previous site visit, I can see that the victims are doing well and looking on the bright side, although I feel heart ache for them but I’m still very touched.”

Andy added: “There are a boy and girl whom broke their legs, the girl had artificial legs and she even quipped that she could be at the same height as the boy, meanwhile the boy just laughed as he quipped that he will be taller than her when he has artificial legs.”

Andy said that the re-building of the affected areas would require at least 3 – 7 years, he hope that everybody will continue to show their support.

news from: Ming Pao, Sing Tao News, Wei Wen Po, Sing Pao, Ta Kung Po,

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