Andy willing to quit showbiz for love

Andy Lau was interviewed by Commercial Radio’s Eve Maria as he talked about his outlook in love as he exclaimed that he will give all for the one he loved with the possibility of retire from showbiz. He expressed that he always looking forward for a long term companion, for true love both should give and understand each other, must have ideas and hope.

Andy recall that he first cried when he was dumped by his girlfriend when he was still schooling, he still can’t forget his old love, he said: “Till now I still notice her life, we didn’t really keep in contact but I wish I could visit her, there is still some feelings, but not love, it’s like my family member, I know she’s happily married.” Andy exclaimed that she got married two years after they broke up, the man is the third party, the man is a sportsman thus could run faster than him. Andy exclaimed that he also quit smoking and forgo bowling for his former girlfriend – Ye Kexin.

When asked if any woman hurried him to marry her, Andy said: “No. (Can female take the initiative?) Yes, whether I accept is another matter, everyone has their rights to express themselves.” He exclaimed that there is no need for Valentine’s Day, but this is a romantic day which is a good chance to express your love to your loved one.

news from: Apple Daily News, Sing Tao News