New Andy’s Di Ren Jie image revealed

Half of the shooting of period detective film Detective Dee had been completed but the story and characters’ image had been kept secret, director Tsui Hark had invested millions to shoot his “new wu xia film” (which he is good at), thus resulting in anticipation. The crew revealed the new image of Andy Lau’s Di Ren Jie, the “goat moustache” with “ox horn” hat, the cool and sorrow look, full of detective favors. Despite having a cool look, one would also have superman abilities as Andy and Li Bingbing could also communicate with their stomach, other than communicating with human, they could also communicate with animals, it’s fun during shooting.

The characters’ image of Detective Dee is handled by Hong Kong Film Awards winner Bruce Yu Jiaan whom resume includes Forbidden Kingdom. As per requested by director Tsui Hark, the “ox horn” hat, “goat moustache”, black uniform with a sword at the waist is completely different from what the current imperial officers are wearing, indeed a lot of detective charisma shown here. From the setting of the photographs, this scene should happened at the “ghost city”, this should be the underground city being discovered after an earthquake, it has a different set of rules from the city on the surface. In this lightless city, the “grand adviser” is the head, one point worth mentioning is that this grand adviser is the “guru” that Empress Wu used to locked the thinking of the people. Whenever Andy tried to solve a case, the grand adviser is behind all the hinderance.

The photograph show a stunned Di Ren Jie after encountering the grand adviser whom is his strongest enemy in terms of wits and kungfu. In addition, another point to take note is that the wooden log that Andy is stepping on is floating on water, this shows that Andy has good “qin gong” as he could keep his balance. From our understanding, Andy has a lot of scenes in the film where he stepped on water, when Andy talked about these “walking on water”, he said that it feels like modern walk in the city.

It was also told that the crew also have some “special actors”, they are the “performing actors” from Hanzhou Zoo which includes monkeys, camels and horses. From what we understand, there will be more fierce animals to join the cast in the later stage. The first batch of animals are to act opposite Andy and Li Bingbing because the director wanted to strengthen the charisma of the characters which is the detective ability of Di Ren Jie and Shang-guan Er and attractiveness of the story. However taming of these animals is no easy task, although these animals are the “actors” from the zoo which had been trained, but they become un-natural and lost of confidence when they are with Andy and Li Bingbing, especially the monkeys which became agitated and kept shouting, someone at the set said: “Afraid that the animals had meet their idols and become too excited!” According to the zoo trainer, trained monkey will be very quiet and will not be lost control of itself, maybe it was not familiar with the surrounding thus affect its performance, the crew had prepared peanuts and bananas in order to keep the monkey quiet, but it don’t seems to work. Luckily Andy and Li Bingbing played with the monkey to get close with it, after the monkey familiarize with the surrounding, its performance improved. The director wanted Andy and Li Bingbing to keep eye contact and communicate with the monkey, but when Andy looked at the monkey, in terms it show off its teeth and open its mouth, this made everyone burst into laughter.

When interviewed by reporters, Andy expressed that his costumes in the film cannot be compared to the 9 costumes that Li Bingbing had as he only had 4-5 costumes. He personally like the simple image which is the long hair wig with a normal Tang dynasty costume. For the “prisoner costume”, although it’s simple but he would need to be dirty which resulted to skin irritation. Andy said: “The weather is very hot, I kept perspiring. In addition the costume cannot be washed as it supposed to look old. It had been 4-5 days ago since I last wore this costume. You think about it, 4-5 days without washing.”

After shooting The Warlords and Three Kingdom: Resurrection of the Dragon, Andy had exclaimed that he would not be shooting period films, but after accepting Detective Dee, he “regretted” and said: “This time round, I will be saying that I would never shoot any period films between April and August!” The reporter quipped that if this film is successful and a sequel to be shoot and the shooting period would be the same? Andy quipped: “Of course I would ask him to find another actor.”

When talked about Carina Lau’s image which the reporter got shocked after a site visit, Andy said: “I feel that she looked like a Tang dynasty drawing. Actually 5-6 different images were designed for her and the director chose this, if she does not looked that she belong to the Tang dynasty, she could be easily mistaken as Empress Dowager Cixi.”

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