The Great Cause of Nation-building: Who looked like the real deal?

It’s a gathering of superstars in the film The Great Cause of Nation-building, it’s a miracle in film history, even before the film being screened in the cinemas, it has already made one record: this is the film with the most actors. Among all the actors being cast as historical figures, so does they looked alike to them?

Feng Xiao-gang as Du Yue Sheng

Du Yue Sheng is Shanghai famous gangster leader, the same crew cut of Feng Xiao-gang, his eyes, nose or lips, even his huge ears allowed them to be 99% alike, if Feng is to shave his head, they would be exactly alike.

Similarity: ★★★★★

Chen Kaige as Feng Yu Xiang

Chen Kaige’s thick eye brow, eye bags, cheeks and ears are 80% similar to Feng Xu Xiang, even netizen think that the Feng Yu Xiang photograph is the photograph of Chen Kaige with gray out effect!

Similarity: ★★★★★

Donnie Yen as Tian Han

Action star Donnie Yen is wrongly cast as an intellectual, using a huge pair of glasses to become an educated person, looked like glasses are not only used to make a beautiful woman looked ugly but also a treasure to make one looked like an intellectual.

Similarity: ★

Leon Lai as Cai Yan Kai

Did anyone misplace Leon Lai’s photograph together with Cai Yan Kai? Leon is so much more handsome than him.

Similarity: ★

Zhang Guoli as Jiang Jianshi

Comparing with Jiang Jianshi, Zhang Guoli’s face looked fuller, netizen was saying: “Other than the shaven head, he doesn’t fit the bill”. However Jiang Jianshi is a famous historical figure, it hard to be him.

Similarity: ★★

Chen Kun – Jiang Jingguo

Chen Kun is too handsome to be Jiang Jingguo.

Similarity: ★

Jiang Wen as Mao Renfeng

From information photograph, Mao Renfeng has thick lips and round face, Jiang Wen has a sharp face, his eyes, nose also does not looked alike, he looked too “proud”, it’s too dangerous to be the head of the special force.

Similarity: ★★

Deng Chao as Xu Beihong

Deng Chao is still the younger version of Xu Beihong, his bright eyes does not made him looked like an artist.

Similarity: ★★

Andy Lau as Yu Ji Shi

Andy’s eagle nose is similar to Yu Ji Shi, with his big eyes, it do seems that the role that Andy requested for looked alike to him.

Similarity: ★★★★

Jet Li as Chen Shaokuan

It was heard that Chen Shaokuan had a shaven head. It was said that the character only has one line in the film, just a cameo character. Jet did not shave his head for the role, it’s unsure if it’s due to some endorsement commitments. In the film, Jet only said: “Beat up Chinese, I won’t do that.”

Similarity: ★★★

Xu Qing as Song Qinling

Xu Qing as the “Mother of China” resulted in dispute among the netizens, many think that Xu Qing lack the steady look of Song Qinling. Frankly said, Xu Qing is much prettier than Song Qinling, what’s different is the knowledge, in this current generation, who could have the experience of Song Qinling.

Similarity: ★★

Wang Xuezhe as Li Zongren

Li Zongren’s eyes resemble the Chinese character “eight” (‘ba’), small nose and thick lips whereas Wang Xuezhe has huge nose and small mouth, they looked completely different, lucky Li Zongren is not as famous as those mentioned earlier, as an experience actor, Wang Xuezhe has no issue taking up the role.

Similarity: ★★

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