Andox and Box @ 6th 2009 Taipei Toy Festival

Popular sons of Mr. Andy Lau Andox and Box will be appearing at the 6th 2009 Taipei Toy Festival, they would also be one of the special guests for the opening ceremony. Other than saying “hi” to everybody and performing, to make it grand, 300 pairs of Andox and Box rotocast 10″ figures boxset will be released, there would also be latest Andox and Box USB products!


These limited edition products are jointly created by IND (Danny Chan x Ultraman) and Andox Ltd, this would be another creative creation by IND since the first batch of rotocast figures of Andox released during the 2007 Taipei Toy Festival.


For those whom purchased these limited Andox and Box rotocast 10″ figures boxset will also get the chance to photograph with Andox and Box! There are limited slots, everybody please take note of the sales timing and methods of purchasing.


11 July 2009, 12:00 – 12:50, Autograph session: Danny Chan & Ultraman x “Andox (IND x ANDOX LTD.)

news from: Taipei Toy Festival

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