Andy talked about relationship like an expert

Andy Lau seldom talked about his personal love relationships as he only talked about his work, other than that it’s shooting after shooting. He seized the chance of Valentine’s Day to release a new album for all the lovers in this world. Among the songs, one titled ‘Chang Tu Ban Lv’ (Long Term Companion) written by Lin Xi which Andy highly recommended as he agreed totally with what was written in the lyrics: “True love is hard to be selfish, there’s no words to describe love and what shall be done, there’s good and bad.” When asked if this song is dedicated to his long term companion? He quipped: “I will dedicate for myself to listen, sometimes it allows me to think of my good friends, I witness many of my friends get together and parted ways, singing this song allow me to think of an image, when one is happy and why would want to part company, among them should have complicated elements, there is no standard for love, I hope everyone has a good ending.”

Andy also hope for a good ending for himself, he said: “Haha! I’m a good person, thus will have a good ending.” He feel that for there are high and low for every relationship, the relationship between humans cannot be described with a few words, he said: “Some time it might be me or her in the wrong, maybe after a quarrel you will realise that you’re in the wrong, then I will admit my mistake, that’s what true love should be.”

In showbiz, Andy had collaborate with countless actresses, he exclaimed that some did moved his heart, but he’s afraid of the press, thus he always remind himself thus he recovered quickly. Andy had a nicknamed called hardworking ox, he does not mind this nickname because he’s indeed as hardworking as an ox, some joked that he had married his job, he said: “You can’t said it, I’m ok living alone, but I believed that I’ll not be alone till I die.” Andy had always avoided talking about his alleged girlfriend Carol Zhu Liqian, when asked if he had sacrifice her for his career, he burst into laughter and said: “Nope, there’s no such person!”

It was reported in a magazine that Carol brought a little girl shopping in the streets, thus the allegation that she is Andy’s daughter, then another boy was photographed, then he had another son, he said: “The girl that was photographed is my younger brother’s daugher, the little boy is also my younger brother’s son, it does not matter, my brother does not mind, he would also not explain to others, I think the press will be talking about it sooner or later, saying I have a girlfriend is them (press), saying I’m gay is them, everything had been said, the future will prove everything, I will show everybody.” Another question was asked, when Andy will reveal everything, Andy just burst into laughter!

Andy is a prince charming without a doubt in showbiz, but he’s not a romantic person, he was also experience depression of being dump by woman before, he said: “I experienced being dumped before entering showbiz, I’m so sad, my love history can be counted with both hands, I’m not one whom immune to love, it’s just that I don’t have the time, it need time to express myself, it does not take one or two expressions to work out, it need a long time to have a beautiful true love, I believed that when I encounter someone in the past, we’re serious about each other and not just fooling around, blame it on the wrong timing.”

Andy exclaimed that he’s not romantic enough, the most romantic thing he did in the past is to give a personally made birthday card and bag of love seeds. He quipped: “There is no standard for romantic, maybe a candlelight dinner can be considered romantic, when dining together you gave her the last piece of meat for her is also considered romantic, actually it’s just a kind of feeling.”

Andy was busy with fund raising last year for the earthquake victims, he feel that one need to know how to return to society and friends thus he accepted to be cast in Wong Jing’s Future Cop, many people don’t understand why Andy accepted the offer even though the heydays of Wong Jing had passed? He said: “I know Wong Jing is under huge pressure, I started up in the past being cast in Wong Jing’s movies, I don’t mind what other people say.” Andy continues: “The boss Choi Chung-Lam is my benefactor, when my TeamWork failed in 1991 and in debts, he’s the only one whom did not chase after me for money, then he had financial problems, I think I shall return him a favor and now is the time.”

Andy bring out the message of “hope” in last year’s fund raising activities, in this album, he used the disabled sportsmen to encourage everybody, he said: “When attending the Paralymics Games, I feel that the condition of the disabled sportsmen are lower than normal people, but their fighting spirit is stronger than others. There is one Chinese national swimmer without arms, he thanks my years of support by playing ‘Tian Yi’ with his legs for me to listen; he also wrote a song titled ‘Mei Li De Hui Yi’ (Beautiful Memories), I used it and wrote it with Cantonese lyrics for my album, its titled ‘Wo Zhi Xiang Ni Hao’ (I Want You To Be Better).”

With regards to the current worldwide financial downturn, Andy pointed out that his most supported and stable HSBC had fallen. He urged all to invest carefully, he had more property investments thus he’s not worried, he said: “I seldom buy properties in the last 10 years, I sell more. Of course there are losses, I experience selling off at 20-30% lower, but I never calculated the losses, because I did not sell off all my properties, however I’ve bought them 10 years ago, there won’t be losses.”

All along Andy had been active in fighting music awards in music awards ceremonies, however he had been absent for the ceremonies in the past 2 years. Andy sighed: “Actually I really wanted to go but the time does not meet my schedule, take for example if I’m absent for the Jade Solid Gold Selection, then I’ll missed the Jade Sold Gold music awards, then I can only be in the running for Most Popular Male Singer, Asia Pacific Male Singer, I think the others will find it strange!” Some singers that they won’t be running for awards in order to give the chance to other singers, but Andy does not want to be so noble as it’s not that he gave up on awards in order for others to win awards. He said: “An artist is the same as a sportsman, if you have the ability to compete, it does not matter when you lose, if you did not go you will never know your ability.” With regards to recent record companies abandon music award ceremonies, Andy quipped: “This is the commercial decision of companies, the singers might have less chance, they should discuss with the company to extend a warranty 5 years contract.”

When talked about his acting career, he had won several awards, he reveal that his next target will be to be a director, he said: “Hope in the year 2011, I’ll be able to director a spy movie to celebrate me entering showbiz for 30 years, the female lead is yet to be confirmed. I know it’s heavy pressure to be a director, but this is my dream. I think it’s time to try it out, when one is older, one should open more ways for yourself, if you can’t appear in front of the screen, you can transfer to backstage to express my support to movies.”

He expressed among all actresses, he admired Maggie Cheung the most but he’s yet to find a script that moves her, it was once suggested to shoot the sequel for Wong Kar Wai’s As Tears Goes By many years ago, it was discussed to collaborate with Maggie again, but there is no more news on that. Andy said: “I’m waiting for a miracle to collaborate with Maggie after 20 years, seize the chance when we’re still front line actors, this will be special. Actually I’m not yet dead in As Tears Goes By, but the audience rather my character die off than becoming a person without memories, thus during the midnight screening, the ending is changed.”

Throughout these years, Andy had encounter several crazy fans incidents, he admit that such matters cannot be control, he revealed that recently he had hired some bodyguards whom had protected Richard Li before. He recollect his feelings and do it for his fans, he said: “I just don’t want it to be the discussion topic for people.” He admit that fans always urge him to get married, he said if he got married and have children, he would announce to his fans on his website but he would not specially reveal his love relationship. He said: “When the media asked me, I would tell them that I’m not married, have no children and not in a relationship, I will not say in the future, this might not be the case as I does not want to trouble people and myself. Don’t care about me, I won’t give any opinion, I have my own way of expressing myself.”

Some think Andy would announce his love relationship and give his woman some status recognition, but Andy said: “I recognition myself will do, why need other’s recognition? Everybody’s recognition is not required. If you’re my girlfriend, what would you think? When we are together you might want to declare, after 5-8 years of stable relationship, you would not want to declare. There is one Chinese gold medalist expressing not to face the Hong Kong media, even sportsmen does not want to declare.”

news from: Apple Daily News, Ming Pao