Andy wrote love declaration to duet with Shu Qi

Directed by Hong Kong director Andrew Lau, Look For A Star had already been screened in Mainland China for close to three weeks, with Valentine Day round the corner, the box office takings kept increasing as it become the “long-life” film at the beginning of 2009, it’s expected to break the $1 billion box office club. The love relationship between the two leads, Andy Lau and Shu Qi will carry on their relationship out of the film as other than the modern Cinderella story in the film, they also duet for the theme song of the film – I Do.

The theme song of Look For A Star is I Do which Andy wrote the lyrics, the romantic tune and lovely lyrics revealed Andy’s inner love declaration. During the recording of the song, Andy and Shu Qi dressed causally as they appeared relaxed, once a while they would stop and chat. Shu Qi whom seldom sing appeared relaxed because she’s collaborating with Andy, meanwhile Andy also sing praise of Shu Qi’s singing.

In Look For A Star, diamond bachelor Andy and dancer Shu Qi become a couple after much difficulties, it’s the same in real life. After numerous promotions of the film, Andy revealed when doing charity that he has plans of becoming a father soon, whereas Shu Qi went to Thailand to pray for new love. With the influence of Look For A Star, it seems good news would be coming from both of them soon.

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