Andox and Box will have 4-square comic strips

Since Andox and Box came into this world, under the leadership of “mummy” Andy Lau, both of them had good results in showbiz, after several times of surprises and changes, he had finally transform his “sons” to “adults”. Now Andox and Box will become leads of comic strips to be serialize on the Internet, their latest comic books will also be released.

The comics will be in 4-square format, both Andox and Box will relate normal life stories, bringing laughter and message to readers, “They will be sharing some small tips in life,” this is how Andy described Andox and Box’s comics.

Silly, gentle and determine Andox with fashionable, proud and handsome Box will displayed their differences in character in the comics. In the earlier released comic on their blog, we can see both of them having a dragon boat contest in the bathtub, Box even transformed Andox into a dumpling; in order to take care of his sick younger brother – Box, Andox made porridge for him which create a mess in the kitchen; they also ate up the last french fries, their message was earth conservation and world peace. This comical comic bring down-to-earth laughter and bring a relaxing mood to everybody.

The comic is full of colors, image is realistic and active, simple story but full of meaning, this allow the comic of Andox and Box to be suitable for readers of all age. In the soon-to-be-released 100 over episodes of comics, the brothers will relate stories of school life, real life, ox conversation and brotherhood love, it will also show off the encouraging, loving, hardworking lifestyle and working attitude of the brothers.

What we do not expected is that stories of Andy will be included in the comics according to person-in-charge of Beijing Qiu Shui Tang! In the comic, Andox and Box will transform into Andy to talk about Andy’s childhood stories. In addition, the behind-the-scene stories of Andy during his TVB artiste training classes will also appear in the comics, it would be unsure among Andox and Box, who will be Andy and who will be Tony Leung Chiu Wai?

When the 4-square comics are being serialize, it will be later consolidate into a comic book to be released in August, September and October respectively. There will be autograph sessions for the comic books, chances are Andy would also appeared in these events.

In order for the comic to be more of a talking point and interactive, Andox’s blog will add some comic elements in and fans could leave comments to suggest elements and themes to the comics.

After reading some of the draft of the comics, Andy is rather satisfied with their performance: “Scanning through the drafts, I would burst into laughter and tapped the table, sometimes I would also teared as those memories are like movie scenes appearing one after another in my mind. Andox and Box are really funny, looking at their cuteness and some mischievous, made me return to my childhood days. ”

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