10,000 fans celebrated Andy’s birthday

For the third night of My Love Andy Lau World Tour at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 27 September 2019, it happened to be Andy Lau’s 58th birthday, the 10,000 strong audience gave him a surprise and touched him.

At the night of the concert, every audience was given a red heart cardboard specially prepared by Andy World Club on their seat. The instruction written on the cardboard requesting the audience to raise up the cardboard when the band played the “happy birthday song” to send their blessing to Andy.

Nicole from Macao whom came to watch the concert revealed that the birthday song sounded around 10pm and all audience sang the birthday in English. Andy received the birthday cake from the crew members and blew the candle to celebrate his birthday.

Nicole said: “This is the first time Andy celebrated his birthday with so many people, I’m happy to be part of it. Every year he celebrated his birthday with his fans in advance, it’s a hard chance that he got to celebrated it with his fans on the actual date.” Nicole exclaimed that many fans also shouted out that it was their birthday too, Andy then sang the Cantonese version birthday song to share his joy.

Andy also sang The Moon Represent My Heart as a return gift and made his birthday wish: “Wish that all friends whom came for the 4 nights concert, we will forever remained as friends, asked those whom never came to come, if those who failed to get tickets, it doesn’t matter, I will continue to stage concert until everybody can watch me.”

The audience replied with cheers and applause, Andy then quipped: “All of you are so cute!”

For last night’s concert, many local celebrities were among the audience which includes JJ Lin whom shared video of the singing of birthday song, he was excitedly singing loud too.