Andy: I’m actually very healthy

2 April 2019, Heavenly King Andy Lau made an appearance at Shanghai Pudong Shangri-La as he transformed into “artiste producer” as he was present to promote OSIM 4-hands heavenly king massage chair.

Being old friends with OSIM, Andy’s endorsement of 4-hands heavenly king massage chair is his third time collaborating with the brand. Being multi identities of movie producer, filmmaker, director and actor, Andy changed his title to OSIM artiste producer as he became the spokesman for OSIM 4 hands massage chair which has “looks, acting skills, talent and talking point”. He said: “I like the comfortable feel that it brought to me, as it allowed me to be completely relaxed during my free time, and its’ upgrade is a surprise to me, 4 hands massaging gave me an out of this world massage experience!” Andy shared his personal experience with the media, guests and fans present.

During interview, Andy clarified the online allegation about his health, he said: “I know that everybody is concern about my health, I want to tell everybody, I’m actually very healthy, I will also keep it this way, so does all of you (means the fans), because we will still be together for many years to come.”

When talked about him staging the makeup concerts at the Hong Kong Coliseum in February 2020, he accidentally revealed: “In September I’ll be staging my concerts in Malaysia and Singapore.” When asked if the news can be revealed earlier, he expressed: “I say can!”

When talked about his latest film Drug Lords which will be screened in July, an excited Andy shared with everybody his character and the funny things happened during shooting. When talked about those car chase scenes, a mischievous Andy quipped that shooting a commercial is more dangerous compared to shooting a film, “Now shooting a film is not dangerous, it’s more dangerous shooting a commercial, shooting a film, now we did the shooting in front of the green background, those dangerous stunts are passed to those professional stuntmen.”