Andy is the expert behind Andox and Box

Currently Andox and Box went for the recording of Anhui Cable TV charity program Sing For Love. Both of them had an unexpected performance as they appeared familiar with their dancing when singing ‘Zhong Guo Niu’ and have chemistry with the 6 female dancers. Andox performed with a Chinese sword, whereas Box imitate Bruce Lee.


Within a short period of two months, Andox and Box’s stage experience improved, they have more confidence in their performance, this is the result of the training from their “mother”. In order to prepare them for Sing For Love which is known for its high expectation, Andy Lau made long distance calls to arrange trainings for his sons.

The dance arrangement of Andox and Box has new breakthrough. In the past, Andox will be just jumping around whereas Box will be shaking his body, however Andy create a brand new ‘Zhong Guo Niu’ dance for them, this dance combines their individual dance moves together, it looked somewhere similar to Andy’s dance, gave everyone a refreshing feeling.

Andy said: “In the past, professional dance instructor will design dance for me, I would like to give it a try!” Andy thinks that designing dance for his “sons” is a breakthrough, “I combine the charisma of ‘Zhong Guo Niu’ into the dance, hoping to bring out the seeking for improvement message.”

Andy spent a lot of effort on this dance. As he was busy shooting Detective Dee in Hengdian, Andy does not have lots of rest time, thus whenever he complete shooting a scene, he will get in contact with Andox and Box whom were in Beijing, guiding them to change to the right dance move, most importantly is to get things right. To design this dance, Andy kept dancing himself despite wearing the costume, which anger Li Bingbing and company. However, the crew members and fellow actors all became the first audience to watch this new ‘Zhong Guo Niu’ dance as they also gave a lot of suggestions.

Other than designing a new dance for them, the experienced Andy also gave Andox and Box some tips on performing, thus their performance level improved within a short period of time.

“Actually for a newbie, the biggest problem is accident during performance.” In the eyes of Andy, Andox and Box are still newbies, his advice to them was not to be nervous when there is an accident, “If you cannot follow up with the dance steps, don’t be nervous, slowly get back, find the right beat.” Actually Andy was worried how Andox and Box could coordinate well with the 6 female dancers.

“When performing, you would need to interact with the audience, don’t ever be blind by the lighting and think that there is no audience,” Andy’s next suggestion is to take note of your sight and body language to communicate with the audience. From what Andy see, Andox and Box communication with the audience has advantage, with regards to how make use of this advantage to its fullest will depend on themselves. Andy specially assigned Box to imitate Bruce Lee to communicate with the audience.

For Andox and Box, Andy had put in a lot of effort, other than designing new dance, passing on his stage experience, Andy also activate his own fans to support Andox and Box. From all we know, Andy has a close relationship with his fans, whenever Andy calls, the fans will reply, 30 people gathered immediately. However, Andy said that he will help his son with all his efforts, but he hope that they would be on their own in the latter stage!

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