Andy’s application to HK Coliseum successful

Andy Lau was scheduled to hold 20 nights of concerts at the Hong Kong Coliseum in December 2018, unexpectedly he fell sick and lost his voice during the 14th night and had to cancel the remaining 7 shows. Other than allowing audience to do a refund, he also tried he best to book the venue for makeup shows.

On 22 March 2019, he announced on his website that he successfully booked the February slots for HK Coliseum in 2020.

Andy posted on his AWC website on 16 February 2019, wishing all fans a Happy Chinese New Year and thanked fans for their love for him, then he announced that he would be applying for the February 2020 slots at HK Coliseum till he’s successful! Any news will be updated every month be it success or fail.

With the application successful, a delighted Andy announced the good news as he titled the post: “Dream come true!”

He wrote in Chinese: “Got the notice from Leisure and Cultural Services Department that I’ve successfully booked the February slots for HK Coliseum in 2020. Many thanks to Leisure and Cultural Services Department, the support and understanding from friends and family members, many thanks to all the crew members that are working hard beside me. With regards to the makeup shows and dates, you can refer to the below time table and you will understand.”

He also reminded fans: “As currently the organizer are carrying out the refunding till end of May. To prevent any confusion, the arrangement of the makeup shows will have to wait till the refunding are completed, the pre-sale and registration for exchange of tickets will only start between 10 June and 9 August 2019.”

Andy clearly stated out the time table of the original shows vs makeup shows, easier for fans to check, he also provided instruction for those whom had refund their tickets to purchase makeup shows tickets and online exchanging of tickets, all instruction stated there clearly.