Sammi Cheng excited bumping into Andy at lift

46 years old Sammi Cheng recently bumped into Andy Lau at the lift as she excitedly exclaimed that they have “strong affinity”. She posted on Instagram: “It’s impossible to meet someone at that moment, but it happened to me!” She made another post the next day remembering their past collaboration in films which brought back memories to many fans.

On 24 March, Sammi posted online 3 photographs that she took with Andy as she shared a magical moment, she was in the lift with her crew members, when the lift door opened suddenly, Andy walked into the lift.

Sammi describe that she screamed when she saw Andy as she immediately grabbed Andy over and took photographs. Both displayed smiles in the photographs, it can be seem that they have strong friendship as she exclaimed excitedly: “It’s impossible to meet someone at that moment, but it happened to me! Talked about affinity, or maybe god had arranged this meeting, really not to believe it.”

On the second day, Sammi made another post which showed many photographs from the films she collaborated with Andy, she wrote: “Today bumped into Andy at the lift made me recalled many parts of my life, then, those, there and those we created together, we can’t do it without the other.” She commented on her collaboration with Andy many times as lovers, “With him, my love in the films became warmth and full of love.”