Drug Lords scheduled to hit cinemas on 12 July

18 March 2019, Drug Lords director Herman Yau together with casts Andy Lau (executive producer), Louis Koo, Michael Miu, Karena Lam, Chrissie Chau, Kent Cheng , Carlos Chan, Michelle Wai, Kwok Keung Cheung, Chang Chun Kit, Faith Lee to attend the film’s press conference.

During the press conference, the trailer and poster and were revealed. It was also announced that the film will opens in cinemas nationwide on 12 July 2019, joining the summer holiday screening slot.

The film main use drugs as it’s theme, narrating Andy’s character who is a philanthropist cum financial giant having a rivalry with Hong Kong biggest drug lord Louis resulting a war. Being the executive producer of the film, Andy expressed that the film has lots of car chasing and action scenes, but towards the end of the film there was a scene of a car crashing into a metro station and clashed onto a metro train, Andy quipped: “The boss spent a lot of money.” Louis expressed that his character is the most evil and sly character that he had played. Meanwhile “anti-drug head commander” Michael quipped that he was sandwiched between heaven and hell, a difficult character to act. When talked about collaborating with Andy again and collaborate with Louis for the first time, he expressed that he had experienced the best of two Best Actors, it was a fruitful experience for him.

Other than the twin male pillar of Andy and Louis, adding Michael into the frame, Karena Lam also joined in to form a strong cast. When film director Herman was asked why he picked such a strong cast, he expressed that he focused on the script, “According to the special points of each character, we found the most suitable actors.” He stressed that although the shooting is tough but it went smoothly and enjoyable process. In the film, Karena had many scenes opposite Andy, they were a loving couple in the film, when talked about acting opposite Andy for the first time, Karena expressed that she was very relaxed and sang praise that Andy is a gentleman as during most of the scenes, Karena would be wearing high heel shoes and gown, Andy would be helping her out.

After White Storm being a classic five years ago, its sequel Drug Lord will maintain the standard of Hong Kong crime thriller and upgrade the level of drug theme and action films, it had become a talking point on anti-drugs. It would be anticipating to see the film being screened in the cinemas from 12 July 2019.