60,000 tickets sold out, ticket price inflated to HK$38888

60,000 tickets for Andy Lau 20 nights concert was open for sales on 4 September which attracted fans vying to buy the tickets and it also lurked the resellers to resell the ticket as high as HK$38888!

According to Hong Kong’s Leisure and Cultural Services Department, when the tickets opened for sale at 10:00am, 60% of the tickets were sold within one hour, 90% sold in the afternoon, it completely sold out around 5:00pm, it can be seem the drawing power of Andy.

My Love Andy Lau World Tour Hong Kong 2018 will be staged at the Hong Kong Coliseum from 15 December to 3 January. Due to the earlier assault incident during the box office sales at Youth Square, to prevent any more accidents and resellers, Andy decided that the tickets can only be bought from the web, app and telephone booking. For the benefits of fans, Andy had earlier gave Andy World Club members advance sales, a person can only buy maximum of 4 tickets. Due to many people wanting to buy the tickets, many fans complained that they are unable to log on to the sales website, some exclaimed that they had to call 700 times before getting their chance to book tickets.

Two days ago, on reseller website, tickets for the 20 night concert are “available”, for every night more than 100 tickets are available for sale, the average ticket price had inflated to HK$2000, the first night cheapest range ticket priced at HK$380 had inflated to lowest HK$1660, almost 4 times more.

The most expensive HK$980 ticket has been inflated to between HK$2800 and HK$38888. Whereas for the last 5 shows, the cheapest price for a ticket has inflated to HK$4000 per ticket.