Andy went to Malaysia for film’s celebration, stayed for 5 minutes

“Malaysia’s son-in-law” Andy Lau made a trip to Malaysia for the celebration party for the horror comedy Hantu Kak Limah in which he had invested. He made a 5 minutes appearance at the press conference, gave the media an answer: “Leaving tomorrow” before making an exit, as the media hoped that he could have talked more.

It’s been some time that Andy appeared in Malaysia, this time round he appeared as the boss to celebrate his film Hantu Kak Limah which was a joint production between his Infinitus Entertainment and Astro, the film collected more than 35 million ringgit at the box office since screened in cinema from 9 August to become the Malaysia’s highest grossing film.

This box office taking made Andy to make a special trip to Malaysia for the celebration, it can be seems the importance of this film to him. He made an appearance at the press conference around 8:45 pm which created a chaotic scene as everybody wanted to take photographs of him, he just took a group photograph with the cast and crew members. A highlight when he assisted the film director Mamat Khalid who has difficulties moving around onto the stage.

Infinitus Entertainment chairman Dato’ Sri Robin Tan Yeong Ching expressed that he hope that the film would continue to break 40 million ringgit at the box office. When it was turn for Andy to talk, he spoke in English: “Hope that I can collaborate with all of you, again, again and collaborate again!” It’s a pity that the organizer did not arrange a Q&A session, thus the media did not get a chance to ask question, only one reporter managed to ask him : “When you leaving Malaysia?” before he made an exit, he answered: “Tomorrow.” and was escorted out by the securities.

All the cast expressed that they are delighted that Andy specially came to celebrate with them. The film director hope that the film could break the 40 million barrier in box office taking and revealed that he’s writing a new script in hope to use the same cast for the new film.