Andy shared how he cope with repercussions

Earlier Andy Lau held the My Love Andy Lau World Tour Hong Kong 2018 press conference as hundreds of fans, guests and media were present. In this 35 minutes event, Andy treated it as a preview as he sang and dance, even jokes on the stage. Other than recalling his horse riding incident, he also talked about all topics including about his wife and daughter.

Wearing all white and looking like a prince charming, Andy was at his best singing 17 Sui when making an entrance. He exclaimed that postponing his concert for one year due to the accident is also a good thing as during one year of recuperating, he could be involved in the designing of the concert poster, he said: “What I can be involved? I knew Chinese calligraphy, wrote in Chinese many times, but never tried writing in English, thus I wrote My Love to become the concert’s logo.” He felt that the concert lack of a new song, he said that during the summer holiday he went to make a “da die” (album) in Prague, however when he open the box, it’s just a plate, those present burst into laughter, he said: “Before the concert, I really wish to release a new album, all of you know me, only delay no owning!”

He talked about staging his concert for the first time 25 years ago, he then asked those present if they still remembers scenes from his previous concerts as they shouted that they remember, Andy replied: “I know, since young daddy had told me! Everybody still remember flying in the sky, pants burst during Latin dance? This is un-repairable, do who took that photo? Hahahaha, that’s why people asked me not to have tight pants.” Andy then exclaimed to thank the fans’ support, he can answer all questions. When reporters asked why school opening he need not fetch his daughter and have a press conference. Andy quipped: “I know you will ask this type of question, I brought all of you here so that you cannot disturb my daughter! This morning I’m like Batman, nobody discover me entering the school.” When asked if family members will watch all 20 shows, he said: “My family members will come watch me!”

Andy also showed off his dancing as he boasted: “My waist still doing well! I can still do Chinese dance, but just not showing all today.”

When talked about last year falling from the horse accident, he talked about when he took a private jet back to Hong Kong, “The makeup artist gave me 4 face masks as I was told that I look ugly, worried that I was photographed, reminded me to wear face mask. When I’m hospitalize, coincidentally it’s Chinese New Year, many people will come for greetings, thus two days before the new year, a group of nurses rushed into my ward suggest to me to wash my hair, clean my body. Thus the senior wash my hair and junior wipe my body, but junior is already 60 years old.”

Louis Ko said that he supported Andy’s concert and wished Andy to sing the theme song for Return of Condor Heroes as both of them played Yang Guo. Andy said: “I’m scared of singing old songs during my concert, thus I promise him as he would not come to my concert to create trouble.” When the screen showed a photograph of Andy using a walking stick during his recovery, he quipped: “A company told me that hope that we can collaborate for long period, I swear at him! I’m very strict when looking for my concert sponsors.”

When interviewed, it was said that his concert is doing well, did he considered staging part 2? Andy said: “I’m feeling a bit breathless after dancing, but I have started practicing.” Andy pointed out his body condition, from medical terms, those nerves that are damaged is impossible to recover, he will sometimes feel numb on the end of his toes which annoys him as it felt like a bad tooth. “I’ve siad effects of everything, after parking my car, I would fear the car behind me would crash onto me, but I will face it by looking on the bright side.

In his previous concerts, Andy would be flying or going underground, but it will be safety first this time round with less actions, he quipped: “This time I would just lie there, use professional earphones to listen to instruction on where I should walk, wish could visit the site as it’s a long time I have a concert thus have to get familiarize.” When asked would he bare his torso, he said: “I don’t plan to do it, now all my abs are together in one piece, I will try my best to see how many pieces will return, if it’s 3.5 pieces I’ll need to wear high waist pants, can I depended on my singing this year?”

When asked if his daughter will go to support him? Andy said: “I’m not sure if she will go, have to ask her, don’t care about me, very hard to answer all of you.” When asked if he will follow Leon Lai’s follow step of posting daughter’s photo to social media, he said: “I won’t, not used to it, I seldom do such things.” Some suggested that he share his family joy during the concert, Andy quipped: “Please don’t try to force me, I don’t take such methods.” When asked if wife and daughter will watch all 20 shows? Andy exclaimed: “Then you have to look for them.” Did his daughter dedicate any songs? Andy quipped: “She seldom listen to my songs.”