Andy: “I’m like Batman, nobody discovered me!”

Andy Lau held the press conference for his upcoming concert on 3 September, he was dressed in a white suit. When asked if he sent his daughter to school on the first day of school, he replied: “This morning I’m like Batman, nobody discovered me entering the school.”

In 1993, Andy staged his first concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum, he is 56 years old this year, a handsome Andy dressed in white suit appeared for his press conference of his 2018 concert. He quipped: “The Christmas and New Year concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum, I’ve prepared for 56 years.”

It has been since 25 years he last performed at the Coliseum, he sang 17 Years Old when making an appearance as he sing and dance to show off his mischievous side.


At the press conference, Andy expressed that he will answer all questions asked by the reporters. Having just brought his family for an overseas trip, when asked why the first day of school he didn’t bring his daughter to school, he quipped: “I knew you will ask these questions, thus I lurked all of you here so that you could not disturb my daughter.” He exclaimed that he indeed sent his daughter to school, a delighted Andy exclaimed: “This morning, I’m like Batman, nobody discovered me entering the school.”

For his upcoming 20 shows at the Hong Kong Coliseum, the online ticket sales will start on 4 September 10 am, despite the earlier events when fans fighting to buy tickets, reporters asked if his family will go to support him, he exclaimed: “Of course my family will be here!” When asked if his daughter will be there to watch his father perform, Andy decided to keep a secret as he need to ask her first.

Andy revealed that if his family attended his concert, he would take all safety precaution to prevent them to be disturbed. When asked if he would follow Leon Lai’s footstep to show his daughter’s photo on social media, he expressed: “I won’t as I’m not used to it.”