White Storm 2 – Drug Lords wrap u party

According to Hong Kong media, The White Storm 2 – Drug Lords held its wrap up party on 31 August. Film director Herman Yau, producer and male lead Andy Lau, Louis Koo, Michael Miu, Karena Lam and Kent Cheng were in attendance.

Andy had earlier announced that tickets for his upcoming concerts will not be on sale in box office and only available online. Andy expressed that extreme methods had to be taken in extreme times, he hope that singers and organizer would come up with new methods in future.

Before the ceremony started, the cast was sharing their shooting experience, Andy talked about Michael location shooting in the metro station whereas he has to shoot at the studio set, when Andy paid a visit to Michael, he said: “It’s more than 10 years I took a metro train, this trip allow me to find out that there are different colors to each metro station, I took photographs to show to my family.”

Andy then quipped: “When we shoot Return of the Condor Heroes, Michael was my father, but in this film he is my brother, he’s getting younger.” With his concert round the corner, many friends in showbiz started to dedicate song, Louis dedicate the theme song of Return of the Condor Heroes, Andy took note and accept the dedication: “I never expected that he would dedicate this song, but it’s kinda of right as we both are Yang Guo.” When asked if Louis would be the performing guest of Andy’s concert, he answered: “Not a bad idea, I have never tried to be on the stage with both Condor heroes.”

It’s the first time that Karena and Andy collaborate as husband and wife in the film, she quipped: “It’s a wish come true, only scared that he does not want me!” Andy quipped: “In the past I can’t make decision or arrangement, now I can because I’m the producer!” Karena quipped that she never got to wear a wedding gown when she got married, she finally got the chance in the film but she feel shy, despite her first collaboration with Andy but it felt like she knew him for a long time. Andy also admit that they shared good chemistry. When asked if there is intimate scene between them, Andy quipped: “To what extent of intimacy? Just normal life intimacy, very realistic!” Karena expressed that they have husband and wife chemistry and feeling? When asked if she had bought the tickets to Andy’s concert? Karena quipped that she will only 4 tickets, she will wait for open sales in front of her computer.

With regards to the ticket sale yet started officially, it had already being targeted by ticket resellers, a man got assaulted when queuing overnight for ticket. Andy paid close attention to this incident and immediately cancel ticket sale at box office, tickets can only be bought online. When asked if Andy thought for a long time before coming up with the solution of online sale. Andy replied: “This is the first method thought of to prevent body contact, without physical queuing would be better taking safety precaution, just take one step at a time, extreme methods to be taken during extreme times, this is the only changes I can make for my concert, this allows all to think slowly, because there will still be more problems coming up, hope singers and organizers can think of new methods.” When asked if he has consider adding more shows to solve the fight for tickets? Andy said: “I just recovered from my injury, can’t add more than 20 shows, if to add day shows will fear that my body cannot cope, followed up after me would be the great Jacky Cheung who will stage his concert too, thus adding show will add pressure.”

With regards to the online sales starting on 4 September would jam up the server and result to failure? Andy said: “I’m worried too, because there is many problems, we just have one method, 3 channels, it will be pretty jam, thus hope the organizer could monitor it well and do it better!”