Andy returned to Hong Kong after holiday overseas with wife and daughter

Earlier Andy Lau had completed shooting his new film which will followed by preparing for his concert, however no matter how busy he is, he would still accompany his wife and daughter for holiday.

Especially his daughter had just graduated, he brought his wife and daughter for overseas holiday for half a month as Hong Kong media photographed the family of returning to Hong Kong, Andy was holding onto his daughter’s hand as they walked, it was so sweet.

Since last year’s accident of falling off the horse, it made Andy wanting to spend more time with his family. Last weekend, Hong Kong media managed to photograph the whole family returned from an overseas trip, Carol Chu was wearing a white blouse and face mask, she was walking in front and pulling the luggage while Andy holding his daughter’s hand walking behind. With her father holding her hand, Hana was so excited as she was jumping around with smiles on her face.

When compared to his active daughter, Andy appeared tired, the reason could be that he was tired after having fun overseas for so many days, only kids has such energy.