Andy support HK disabled sportsmen: They required fair treatment

According to Hong Kong media reports, Andy Lau who was well known in showbiz to be a busy person, recently he is preparing for his year end concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum, being the executive producer for the well-received drama The Trading Floor Season 2, shooting for his new film The White Storm 2, being invited to be Oscar’s jury, of course precious time to accompany his daughter. However, the “People’s Chief Executive” expressed that nothing would affect him participating in charity events.

On 8 July, Andy took some time off to appear at Sha Tin’s Hong Kong Sports Institute to attend the opening ceremony of Hong Kong Paralympic Day in support for the local disabled sports development. Andy who has been the Hong Kong Paralympic Committee & Sports Association for the Physically Disabled vice chairman for many years, he had always put in effort in the promotion of disabled sports, he said: “I’m in charge of the promotion and understand their mentality to provide any mentoring, would also have unscheduled communication with the sportsmen. After the experience of So Wa Wai, many parents would understand that he required not special treatment from us but required a fair treatment.”

At the activity, Andy was arrange to try out playing Boccia with Chief Executive Carrie Lam and Legislator Lau Kong-wah, both showbiz and political “Lau Wah” sat together to figure out how to play.

Andy expressed that through this activity would allow more people to understand disabled sportsmen, the sportsmen would attain new dreams after attending this event.

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