Commotion when Andy attended Hanna’s kindergarten graduation ceremony

On 6 June 2018, at the 53rd graduation ceremony of a certain kindergarten, parents had filled up the seats, just when the principal was giving out his speech, there was a commotion among the audience, several mobile phone cameras were not facing the stage but rather to a certain seat among the audience. They were taking photographs of heavenly king Andy Lau and his wife Carol Chu whom sneaked in after the ceremony had started.

Andy’s daughter Hanna had graduated from the kindergarten and was scheduled to go on stage to collect her certificate.

Earlier, the media exposed that Carol together with daughter went to see a doctor in Central, she was wearing loose clothing in which she could be pregnant. When spotted by the media, they only saw her side view so whether she was pregnant was not obvious, the media was plain guessing.

But at the ceremony, another parent among the audience revealed that Carol’s stomach looked 5 months pregnant and looked pregnant. This parent had gave birth to two children, she stressed: “She (Carol) surely is pregnant, looking at the stomach should be around 5 months.”

This parent expressed that she was seated by the side of the Lau couple, thus she could take a photograph in close distance, she even provided the media a photo which do show that Carol had a protruding stomach.