Being first time TV drama executive producer Andy: “Have to favour the boss!”

With Andy Lau as executive producer, five episodes mini drama The Trading Floor which starred Francis Ng, Joseph Chang, Maggie Cheung Ho-yee, Patrick Tam and Liu Kai-chi, premiered on cable television on 24 May. A press conference was held a day earlier in Hong Kong where Andy and director KK Wong attended with the cast.

This drama is a production of Fox Networks Group, based on Asia’s finance market with location shooting in Hong Kong and Malaysia.

At the press conference, Andy exclaimed that he felt pressurize being a drama executive producer for the first time: “First, it’s very hard to find such a heavyweight cast, the story must find balance in every character. The next pressurizing thing is that it must favor the boss, we only have 5 episodes, if the boss like it, then we have the chance to shoot another 5 episodes.” Andy also promised that if he get another chance to be a TV drama executive producer, he will bring another theme to the audience. Andy feel that currently TV dramas are doing very well, but how to see more different themes. “We have to start from a different theme, the process will be difficult, but such beginning is required.”

After the press conference, when interviewed by the media, Andy explained why there was only 5 episodes: “This is a numerical generation, this is our first time shooting such drama, there’s no basic figures, thus we shot 5 episodes first instead of 30 episodes.” He revealed that this production was planned before his horse riding accident which prevent him to join the rest in the production. When reporter asked did he cameo in the drama, he joked: “You will see me in episode 18.” He then modestly said: “Luckily I did not act in it, if not I would lose out to their acting.”

Kwai Lun-Mei did cameo in the drama, Andy revealed that he suggested to invited her to cameo because of her on-screen chemistry with Joseph Chang, but he did not invited her personally and was delighted that the script moved her.

With regards to Francis anticipating to act opposite Andy, he said: “I anticipated it too, for a good show you must have a good actor to act opposite each other, if this time has 3 times click rate, I’ll appear in next season.”

Andy who started out in TV dramas during the 80s, he always have an affection to TV drams, he said: “TV dramas is part of my life, it’s a part of me, I always want to shoot something like this, but limited in production and budget, luckily I bump into FOX, we completed this project with good space and price.” Although he refuse to give any score to this production but he’s very satisfied with the cast and script, hoping that there will be season 2. He said: “I started with TV dramas, whether this production is a success, in future I will still invest in TV dramas.”

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