Andy was guest at Jay Chou’s Hong Kong concert

10 nights of Jay Chou The Invincible 2 concert tour at the Hong Kong Coliseum drew its curtain on 25 March 2018, the last night’s special guest is Andy Lau. The appearance of two heavenly kings heated up the venue.

It was reported that when Andy made an appearance, the audience screams was deafening. Jay said on the stage: “Am I good? Finally can invite you, I’m so touched! I waited for this day for so long, for every Hong Kong concerts, who would not like to invite Andy Lau to come?”

They then sang high praise for each other, Andy pointed out that he admire Jay able to play music instruments and sing at the same time. A modest Jay said: “It would be great that I’m 1 tenth similar to you!” They sang duet for ‘Wang Qing Shui’ and ‘Lang Zi Xin Sheng’. When singing, Jay told his fans: “This is the first time that both of us are performing on the same stage together, please help us video it down.” The fans were excited to see both of them on the stage together.

During their conversation, they talked about Jay wrote a song for Andy before he entered showbiz but was rejected. Jay recalled that he was working at Jacky Wu’s restaurant, when he saw Andy came one day, he was so excited as he passed a song that he wrote to Andy and even sang for him on the spot. “Never expected that after I sang finish, Andy was still eating his noodles.”

Andy explained that why he did not use Jay’s composition is that the producer of his album felt that Jay was not popular enough. But he said: “Do you know what I was thinking when I was eating my noodle? I was thinking that this song suit me so well!”

After Jay entered showbiz, he wrote another song for Andy which was accepted. He then told Jay: “Then you’re already popular! We handled this way when we seek for songs.” This untied the hard feelings of Jay but he feel that the second song was not as good as the first song.

At the concert, Jay thanked Andy for nurturing newcomers, he said that he spent two hours to listen to Andy with regards to a magic theme film, he also performed a poker card magic.