Andy to start rehearse for his concert come July

According to Hong Kong media reports, Andy Lau attended The United Nations Children’s Fund Parents activity on 25 March 2018, he expressed that he enjoyed freedom when he was young at home, as he woke up every morning, other than his homework, he did everything as then there was no electronic devices, his family asked him to wash the bowls the most, no wonder he was so hardworking when he grew up.

Andy said: “When I was young, he grew up in village on the mountain until moved to Diamond Hill when he was 6 years old, his father owned a stall selling porridge in the morning and milk tea in the afternoon, his father would asked him if he would like to wash the bowls or clean table. He had a close relationship with his family members as they would spent time together, because he feel that parents is very important, he’s lucky to grow up in a warm family.” He noticed that current families only have one child, parents would plan the programs for their child resulting them used to winning and not losing, thus he encourage family to arrange more competitive physical games instead of involving electronic products.

During interview, Andy expressed that he seldom have electronic devices sighted in his house, as other than watch educational TV programmes, his daughter would be running around or played with him on the spring bed. He said: “Because I need to do my physiotherapy on the spring bed after my injury, so I bought one to jump with her.” However, he pointed out that electronic devices can’t be prevented as she needed it for reading as she need to search for information from the Internet, but to prevent her from addiction, the usage time has to be shorten. Andy boasted: “I’m a computer idiot, only need to check emails, but I will share my basic computer knowledge with her, she currently owns a personal tablet, to prevent her seeing the bloody scenes of my movies.”

With regards to one of the 4 heavenly kings Leon Lai promoted to be a father, Andy send his blessing: “Congratulation to him! For activity like today’s, he should join in 1-2 years time, Aaron should also make an appearance now.” The netizens pointed out if Leon’s child is a girl, the 4 heavenly kings would become 4 heavenly father-in-laws, Andy quipped: “I really don’t know, if it’s such a coincidence, we really share a strong affinity.”

Andy who will cameo in Fargara in Mara, a new film produced by Ann Hui and starring Sammi Cheng, he would be Sammi’s boyfriend. When asked if there will be intimate scenes, he said: “Nope! But I can’t reject right away because I knew nothing yet but Ann seldom shoot such scenes, if it Lee Ang, I would be worried.”

He’s also scheduled to start shooting in The White Storm 2, start rehearsing for his december’s concerts, when asked if he’s able to to singing, doing dangerous stunts and dancing prior to his injury? Andy said: “I don’t know? I already started with dance choreography, had to start early to adapt because I have stopped doing exhausting exercises for one year, dangerous stunts might be affected as my reflexes might not be the same as the past, had to start from the beginning, take example for my 1993 concert, everybody was laughing at my dancing.”