Andy will be cast in White Storm 2 and Shock Wave 2

Andy Lau will be cast in the sequel of two films, shooting will starts in June for The White Storm 2 and Shock Wave 2 in 2019 as it was announced by Universe International Financial Holdings Limited on 16 March 2018. The draft poster of the two films were disclosed for the upcoming Hong Kong International Film & TV Market 2018.

This will be the first time that Andy joining The White Storm 2, other than being the male lead, he would also be the executive producer. The film will have location shooting in Hong Kong and Philippines. It was revealed that Andy will be joined by Louis Koo of the first film, who will be playing a different character.

Meanwhile for Shock Wave 2, it would be puzzling how Andy would make an appearance as his character had died in the first film. With regards to this, Universe CEO Lin Xiaoqiang revealed: “Shock Wave 2 will expect to start shooting in 2019, currently we are working on the script, please wait for further news.”

Film director Herman Yau who will be directing both films revealed that both films will have the same theme, but with new characters and story. He said: “Basically it will not link with the first films.”