Andy and Fan Bingbing won Most Attractive Actor and Actress Among Cinematographers

According to Hong Kong media reports, Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers held it’s 30th anniversary gala dinner on 5 March. Andy Lau, Fan Bingbing, Francis Ng, Gordon Lam, Chrissie Chau and Janice Man attended the event. Andy and Fan were presented the Most Attractive Actor and Actress Among Cinematographers.

When asked of his feelings winning the award, Andy quipped that after 30 years they finally discover that he is attractive. As next month would be the Hong Kong Films Awards, Andy who was nominated for the Best Actor award, when talked about his confidence, he exclaimed that he has confidence but felt that the other nominees done well too, everybody stands a chance.

With regards to his end of the year concert, he expressed that he actually had the concept last year, his doctor recently told him that he could start doing some strenuous exercise, but he does not have enough time to work on his abs, thus he quipped that he would concentrate on his singing.

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