Professor Lau attended premiere

Sandra Ng, Francis Ng and Alex Fong attended the Hong Kong premiere of Goldbuster. Sandra’s family members, good friends Elena Kong, FAMA, Margie Tsang, Catherine Chau and Ivana Wong attended to show their support. Most surprising was “Professor Lau” Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng made surprise appearance.

Andy helped Sandra to put on square academic cap and presented her a Hong Kong film director graduated certificate, a touched Sandra said: “Professor Lau WhatsApp me several days ago telling me that he would attend the premiere to support me, I’m so happy after hearing that, almost cried out, his WhatsApp is a rescue call, many thanks for his support all these years.”

Andy then encourages Sandra: “The path you took is almost the same as mine, both of us started with acting till film producer, but you’re a step ahead of me to become a film director, I still have this same dream.” Sandra said: “I don’t want to be tough on myself, this is because seldom people approach people of my age for films, differently man can do bomb disposal or action films, thus I changed to be a film director.”

Andy console Sandra: “I’m delighted to witness you taking this path, although met difficulties, but you’re not facing it alone, there’s Peter Chan (her husband) too.” Sandra became agitated and said: “I know.”

Sandra then quipped: “How’s your waist, recovered? So managed to do it every night?” Andy burst into laughter and answered: “I had not tried it, I’ll tell you when I tried it!”

news from: Ming Pao

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