Andy presented with Doctor of Letters

On 14 December 2017, Andy Lau attended 43th the convocation of Hong Kong Shue Yan University as he was presented a Doctor of Letters. There was cheers when a smiling Andy who was dressed in red graduation cap and gown made an entrance, he waved to the audience to say thanks. The host introduce the success of Andy in showbiz and charity and his contribution to Hong Kong.

In the 15 minutes speech to sing praise Andy, it said that in 1981 Andy entered showbiz after starring in TV dramas and went on to attain outstanding results in music and acting, his products has influence 1-2 generations of Hong Kong people. When the doctor of letter was presented to Andy, there was loud cheers for him, when everybody thought that he would talk, he quipped: “Rest assured, I won’t say anything!”

When talked about how he felt when presented the doctor of letters, Andy expressed: “Not everybody is so lucky to study in an university, everybody can work towards this direction, although having left school and in society for so long, but I still continue my mentality of learning. Today is my first day as a doctorate, feeling a bit nervous, must be careful in how I speak to prevent making mistake.”

Reporters addressed his “Professor Lau”, when asked if he feel over the air, he expressed: “Nope, just now was a summary of my career, maybe it’s an example for people to learn, no matter in any circumstances would need to do the best. I felt a bit agitated upon hearing my success, because it was too long, then I tried communicating with the stage crew, never expected that I did so many things, I knew after hearing. It’s happy to be contributing.”

Andy also revealed that his daughter could not attend to witness the event as she has to go to school but he will wear the graduation gown back home to take a photograph with his family members.

Andy exclaimed that he would continue to do charity as he hope that Hong Kong could retain culture roots like Cantonese song, films and opera and spread it wider. He said: “I believe this honor is due to my past success and will maintain it. I didn’t care much in the past, from now have to pass to the next generation and develop it.”

When asked if Andy would increase his asking fee, he quipped: “Can I charge higher? I will increase my price, being a professor does not help in box office, maybe student will learn how a professor act, then it can be considered. Haha.” Since the accident of falling from the horse, Andy had yet accept a new film offer, he says: “Wait till after the Chinese New Year. (Would your wife allow you to ride a horse again?) I will help you to ask her, but I still have the fear. If required, I will find a body double, remembering how I fall from the horse, I’m considered lucky.”

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