Andy is a pastry expert, bake cake for daughter every year

Andy Lau attended the opening ceremony of Make-A-Wish Foundation auction yesterday as he shared his childhood dreams. The organizer arranged a boy and girl which gave him their hand drawing and hand made cookies, the girl even feed Andy the cookie in which he sang praise that it tasted good. When the compere asked Andy if he had the intention of opening a pastry store, Andy quipped that he had thought of it before and the mall which the activity was held agreed to rent a shop for him at a cheaper price.

Andy exclaimed that he would spent this Christmas at home, he expressed: “Will decorate the house, but would not dressed up as Santa Claus, my daughter also do not have the habit to draw a Christmas card for me.” When asked if he intend to open a cookie store, he expressed: “Really thought of opening a pastry shop because being a vegetarian, no reason to open other sorts of restaurants, personally I like to eat palmier. (Do you do pastry at home?) I always baked cakes, I’m expert in sponge cake, many people had tasted them, I started doing in 1991, thus I would personally bake a cake for my daughter for her birthday, even though friends brought her cake, I would still make one for her. (Do for her till 18 years old?) I’m not sure till what age I would stop making for her, but we had yet try making a cake together, maybe wait till her grow older, normally the cake I made are original taste, the only difference are the fruits decoration on the surface of the cake.” When asked the reactions after his daughter ate the cake he made, Andy quipped: “I’ll help you ask her, actually the cake that I made are tasty, if my daughter fails to finish, the guests and friends would finish it.”

Being a vegetarian, he suddenly thought that he could cook some tasty vegetarian food in order for normal person to like vegetarian food, when asked if he thought of releasing a recipe. He quipped: “No, but I would study recipe intensively.” When asked if he consider doing a food travelogue show like Chef Nic, Andy burst into laughter.

With Christmas round the corner, when asked if he had his dreams come true? He expressed that he felt like he’s still dreaming, hope to continue and his recent wish is to have his concert in the Hong Kong Coliseum next year.