Andy revealed he might be back in HK Coliseum for concert in 2018

On 21 November, Andy Lau appeared for the Christmas light up ceremony in Tsim Sha Tsui, this is the fourth time he was invited to be the guest of this event. It was crowded as it attracted many citizen and fans. He was arranged to make an appearance by walking down a long flight of stairs. When talked about him making an appearance riding a horse for the same event in 2000, he quipped: “This time they also thought of asking them me to ride a horse, I immediately said No, if to ride a horse I would not have come, however this time walking down the stairs also felt like riding a horse, haha.”

Andy expressed that he initially was to have his concert during this Christmas period, but due to the horse riding accident he had some free time thus he had accepted several public activities, he said: “I wanted everyone to see that I’m fully recovered!” With regards to his Christmas wish, he revealed that he would try his luck to book the Hong Kong Coliseum as he hope to stage his concert in Christmas 2018. The fans present screamed out in excitement, he quipped: “I only talk about it, you believed me, it’s just a wish, but might try, because it need one year in advance, thus submitting my papers now is about time.”

During interview, Andy quipped that the organizer requested him to make an appearance riding a horse is a joke, he didn’t remember that he made an appearance riding a horse as he had forgotten. He added: “Maybe I forgot after falling down!” Andy expressed that in the past he would be doing his concerts, but he got injured this year, hope to let everyone see a healthy side of him, thus before Christmas he had accepted to appear in several light up ceremonies and charity events. He would be staying in Hong Kong to celebrate Christmas on the actual day, have a mini party in his home with his family members, because it would be crowded and air tickets are expensive thus seldom would go overseas. When asked he worried of expensive air tickets? Andy said: “It’s not spending all the money that you earned.” When asked of the Christmas present for his daughter, he expressed that he does not have this practice, whereas she would give him a drawing for every festive holiday.

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