Andy’s daughter photo revealed, looked like mother

Hong Kong Heavenly King Andy Lau and his wife Carol Chu had been married for 9 years and have one daughter, the front full face photograph of his 5 years old daughter was finally being revealed on social media, it was a photograph which Andy took with his daughter when he was lying on the bed, Hanna was opening her eyes wide and pout her lips showing off her cuteness.

It was a private photograph being exposed in which Andy took when he was hospitalized, the photograph showed off his 5 years old daughter’s big round eyes which resemble her mother, Andy then followed his daughter’s mischievous expression to pout his lips and open his eyes wide, he also showed his fatherly side by put his hands behind his daughter.

Actually the photograph was leaked when he showed to his fans during his birthday party on 16 September.

The Hong Kong media also revealed more details about the event. Andy specially sang ‘Ben Xiao Hai’ for his daughter and wanted to carry her onto the stage to sing the song, but his daughter held tightly to her mother and refuse to go on stage with Andy as he complained: “The whole venue only you ignored me!”

The compere Sandra Ng then quipped: “Looks like you are afraid of the little princess at home?” Andy rebuked: “No, no, no, I’m afraid of the big princess (referring to Carol)!” Andy then followed pointing to the attending males: “Gentlemen, many of you afraid of the big and little princess!”

At the party he also broadcast a video of his road to recovery which showed his wife at his side taking care of him, his daughter helping him to wash and massage his legs, fed him water and such filial acts moved some fans into tears. He also wrote and sang a song for his daughter.

Andy said: “Everybody said that my wife is strong, she seems to have no reaction after such a huge thing happened to me, but she’s waiting every day for me to stand up again, always waiting…I promise all of you, I won’t ride a horse again!”