Andy celebrate his birthday in advance with fans

According to Taiwanese media report, Andy Lau who would be celebrating his 56th birthday on 27 September held a birthday party with his fans on 16 September. Other than singing and dancing on the stage, his good friends Sandra Ng and Ronald Cheng also went to support him.

During the event, Andy broadcasted videos of his physiotherapy which showed he slowly recovered under the care of his wife, his daughter Hanna massaging his father and wash his legs moved many fans into tears. Andy was delighted to meet his fans as he wrote a post in his official website titled “touched”, he wrote: “One family, full of laughter! See you in my dreams!”

Andy’s wife, daughter and parents also attended the event. After the event, the reporters managed to took a heart warming photograph of Andy carrying his tired daughter whom had fall asleep onto his car. Hanna was seen holding tightly to Andy’s neck, it was a photograph full of love.

Andy always treated his fans as his family members, when news of him injuring himself after falling from a horse while shooting a commercial in Thailand, the fans were nervous of him, but he would update that he was doing well using the Internet, he’s back promoting The Adventurers in August and at the beginning of September he personally wrote his birthday invitation card. Although his year end concerts had been cancelled but he had in advance promised “I’ll stand up again to perform for all of you”, he indeed fulfilled his promise as he made an effort to sing and dance to his fast song which touched the fans as they gave him encouragement on the Internet and sang praise of his being spirited and agile.