Andy’s injury had recovered 95%

On 23 August, Andy Lau attended the Hong Kong premiere of his latest film Adventurers in Hong Kong with Shu Qi and Stephen Fung. Dressed in all black, Andy walked with ease when making an appearance as if he was before his injury, he was full of energy. The event attracted more than 500 onlookers who were there to meet their idol, they were delighted to welcome the return of Andy as his every movement resulted in the screams which touched Andy.

Throughout Andy was full of smiles as he kept waving to the fans, as they kept screaming, Andy quipped: “Can you stop for a while and let the compere asked questions, all of you had not screamed for a long time, rest assure, from today onward I will come out every day so that you can scream again.” Andy expressed that he was touched by the fans’ enthusiasm, Shu Qi was also touched. When asked if Andy were to come out every day, he quipped: “I was just saying.” When asked what he wanted to tell the fans, with some tears in his eyes, he said: “I wanted to tell everybody that I’m doing well, hope to see everybody, it made me happy seeing everybody.”

To be able to meet the Hong Kong audience, Andy said with smiles: “Actually I kept communicating with everybody in the Internet, the doctors had fear that if I attend public events, the enthusiastic fans might accidentally bumped into me, thus after discussing with company that I can do promotion but I can’t make appearance, after the promotion in Taiwan and Beijing, everybody is showing concern to me, for example when I was in Taiwan, as the doctor don’t allow me to go to the premiere, the fans laid a red carpet for me, it’s so funny and I managed to convince the doctor to let me come out.”

Andy’s recovery was faster than expected, he exclaimed that the doctors were held back in what they said, now I’m 1-2 months ahead of schedule, previously my body is very flexible, I can do anything, currently I’m comfortable with basic movements because my muscles, bones and tendon had recovered around 95%, but my spine L5 and L6 was cracked and separated which cause some damage to the nerve, he said: “To fully recovered, fastest would be 1 years, slow would be 2 years, as there would be no medicine, had to let it self recover, if not it would remained this way.”

When asked if he can do strenuous exercise, Andy answered: “Yes, I can but when I move I would feel like I have a layer of bandage around me, but it would not affect my movement, the only affected is that I have not leg stretch for the last 6 months because I need to protect the bones, I can’t do it at home, need to be done in front of a physiotherapist.” In order to fasten his recovery, when he was hospitalize he was on a treadmill every day, most important is learn to climb stairs, he said: “I need to be able to climb 29 steps to be able to go home, I had to work hard in order to go home, I managed to climb 120 steps.”

Another reason for such intensive training was he wanted to carry his daughter as soon as possible, he said: “I waited for 4 months to be able to carry her!” He’s also been doing squats and carrying dumb bells, before going home he need to know who to use the wheelchair, how to shower as he’s the only man in the house. Was his daughter sad, Andy said: “Yes but she’s still young!” When asked what he has enlighten after this injury, Andy said: “Doing dangerous stunts had no issues, but this time the horse did not ran, but it like went crazy, I did get off the horse, but due to some scenes not completed I rode on it again, thus some things are fated to happen. As I had nothing to do while I’m in hospital, thus I went to do body checkup and found some old injuries like one third of my cruciate ligaments cracked, it would not recover, thus had to start training muscles because sportsmen whose cruciate ligaments broke could use their muscles to continue running.” However, Andy pointed out that his exercise rate can’t be comparable to the past, he only does exercise of his heart.

After this injury, Andy exclaimed that he has a phobia of horse, he thought of riding horse scenes would look for a body double. After stopping work for 6 months, Andy revealed that it does not affect much as it was planned to start preparation for his concert after complete shooting of the commercial but now hoped that concert can be held at the later part of 2018 in Mainland China, Hong Kong had to postponed till 2019 as he wished to get the year end slot to do countdown. When asked if he’s considered fully back to work, he expressed that currently he has no new work assignments nor new films to shoot. When talked of the commercial to be shown again, Andy said that it would not as he hoped that scene of the horse would not remind people of his injury.

Andy described that he played the most handsome and stylish thief in the film, Stephen expressed that he wanted to shoot Andy to be the most handsome, Andy quipped: “I don’t know why I’m so handsome.” When he overheard fans shouting handsome, he said: “So you can practice hard your acting but handsome cannot be practice.” After hearing, Shu Qi felt it was a golden phrase from Andy. When asked who is more handsome between Andy and Stephen, Shu Qi choose Andy over her husband which Stephen agrees too.