Andy talked about his mentality after injury

According to Taiwanese media reports, Andy Lau made his first public appearance to promote his latest film The Adventurers together with film director Stephen Fung and actor Tony Yang. Andy talked about his mentality when he got injured for the first time, he exclaimed that he was nervous getting off the bed but he never worried that he could not stand up, “I’m always very confident, everybody is scared but I feel that I have did a lot of good deed!” He quipped: “I’m only afraid that I will grow fat, the doctor told me that I will lose weight in the first 2 weeks, following by gaining weight, the legs will become thin, thus I practice leg raising and careful with what I eat.”

He boasted: “I’m alright when I put my life on the life in shooting film, but fell down when shooting a commercial, why think so much?” He think that he would not change his plans and working attitude after this injury.

When he was hospitalized for 3 months, after 3 weeks of lying on the bed, the doctor suggested that he go for water treatment and told him that each physiotherapy is for the good of his life in future. He wanted to go home, in order to overcome the 18 steps staircase in his front door, he climbed stairs for 90 minutes every day, wanted to carry his 5 years old daughter, “I carried 25kg dumbdells and practiced squatting for 90 minutes.” He did a total of 90 hours of squatting in hospital.

He was a grand theft in the film, thinking back he never steal but have experience of snatching as he remembered that he snatch a lollipop away from his classmate, he quipped: “I did not steal, I snatch, snatch directly, a hero was snatch right in the face, I didn’t steal.” With regards to he kept investigating who betrayed and framed him in the film, he exclaimed that in real life people did betrayed him, but he said: “Everybody will have experience of being betrayed, just that did not put it to heart, forgiving the person and myself would make it pass.”

When location shooting scenes with Jean Reno in the film in European countries, seldom people recognize Andy which made his feel of his “low popularity”. The Europeans will shout out Jean Reno, whereas Andy who is a heavenly king in whichever Asian countries he goes is not used to it, he said: “Lose face, used to people calling my name but nobody called me.” He sang praise that Jean Reno is a person who knew how to enjoy life, they chatted happily during shooting, but after work at the hotel’s restaurant, when Jean Reno walked past Andy, he did not take a look at him, this gave him a deep impression as he said: “I should learn to live his lifestyle!”

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