Andy back in work, says: “Everyday I exercise for my tomorrow!”

Andy Lau who got injured during a commercial shooting when he fell off from the horse, after 6 months of recuperating, he’s back at work. He was present at Beijing to promote The Adventurers in which he act and produced. When being interviewed, Andy left hand was carrying a walking stick and his left leg seems uneasy, but a spirited Andy tell the fans: “I’m well, thanks!”

When asked what’s the position of The Adventurers in his heart, he said: “This is one of the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle in my life, without this portion it would not be complete, my life has it thus the existence of this film, thus no matter it’s big or small, heavy or light, it part of me.”

Andy who is a workaholic, he never thought of any reason of stopping: “I’m very easy, got injured stopped for a while, but it’s impossible to sit there and do nothing. Because this period of time I did not stop, I always exercise for my tomorrow, because the middle process is another thing, that’s another piece of my jigsaw puzzle, not only movies as it’s just one part, I have my family, I have my life, actually I’m enjoying it, although I’m injured, but I enjoyed these 6 months. Now I’m back at work, I also enjoyed.”

The initial planned year end concert had been cancelled due to his injury, when asked about how many shows for his next concert? Andy said: “I don’t know, because earlier people in the market are looking for Andy Lau’s concert, thus I’m telling everybody, actually I’m preparing, but we did not confirmed and result in people got cheated, thus I have set that only announced by my company will be considered true.”

When asked if to accept new film offers, will he have any consideration? He says: “I don’t know, because currently I’m not back to 100% as per the past, I don’t know what I’m capable of and what I can do.”

When asked of the possibility of showing up in reality show with his daughter, Andy said: “I can’t say that it’s impossible, but I did not consider this, it’s difficult to say, life is life, film is film.”

news and photos from: Ming Pao