Andy: Are you ready? Making comeback for Adventurers

On 24 July 2018, Andy Lau made a post on his Andy World Club site titled “Are you ready”, the post came with a photo from his latest film Adventurers, it seems to hint that he was making a comeback. This made fans excited. Andy injured himself when he fell from a horse while shooting a commercial in Thailand in January, he came back to Hong Kong for treatment and recuperate for 6 months, during this period when his film Shock Wave screened in the cinemas, he did not make any public appearance.

In the post’s photograph, Andy dressed causally and wore a sweater with hoodie over his head, but he was smiling and walking slowly. Fans noticed that he was dressed similarly to his character in Adventurers, there was a hidden easter egg in the photograph which is the number plate of the car behind Andy – “811” which happens to be the date that Adventurers opens in the cinema. Many fans guessed that Andy is giving out signals that he’s making a comeback which high possibility to be on the premiere of Adventurers as earlier he did announced that he was in the studio to do dubbing for the film.

On 25 July, the film company seems to confirm it as it released the film’s final poster and trailer, most importantly it welcome Andy back into the team.

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